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On site this morning #trackandfield #athletics #phoenix

On site this morning #trackandfield #athletics #phoenix

Branding Brief - Outlook & The Possibility Tour

Branding Campaign for fictional brand Outlook & The Possibility Tour, which stemmed from the word given “Possibility”. Created for project brief provided by Nottingham Trent Graphic Design.

(Source: justanotherben, via morguefiles)

Urban Outfitters Craftsman’s Guild

Designed by Grayhood

“The Display Artists are the guys and gals creating the amazing visual elements within our retail stores every season, and have historically passed on the unique methods of their position by word of mouth, on the job training, trial and error, experimentation, and good old fashioned ingenuity. These types of methods are still a huge part of our visual training philosophy, but with the growth of the brand, we needed something tangible to make sure that new visual team members started their careers at UO on the right foot.”

— Chris Woodhead, Field Display Manager for Urban Outfitters